2004  w/ guest Brian Combs (r)
Photo Courtesy J. Munoz - South Bend, IN
Photo Courtesy Perry LaFine - Chicago, IL
Winter 2003
Scott Corey, Pinetop Perkins, Tom Moore, Jonny Viau
Sax Shootout Cleveland - January 2005
Little Frank, Bob Frank, "Sax" Gordon Beadle, Jonny Viau
Winter 2004
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Little Frank, Brian Cook
Tempest Studios-March 2005
James Cotton, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Little Frank
Photo courtesy of : Bob Corritore
August 2005
Photos (Above) from the filming of the PBS
documentary "
Native Sons"
Top Photo Clockwise: "Big Jack" Johnson, Bobby
Rush, Sam Carr, "Super Chikan", Pinetop Perkins,
David "Honeyboy" Edwards, Little Frank
Photos Courtesy :
 Dick Waterman
January 2005    
Jonny Viau -
Sax Shootout, Cleveland, OH
August 2005
(l-r) Robert Carter, Little Frank, Brian Cook